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Unless you’ve been in a coma for the last six months, you’ve noticed the pinch of gas prices. You don’t need to just sit back and watch your wallet grow thinner and thinner. You can take action and learn how to get more miles for your dollar than ever before.

    Be a More Efficient Driver

  1. Brakes are your enemy. When you step on them, you have spent gas to go nowhere. Think ahead to limit the amount of brakes that you need to use. Trust me, it becomes a habit very quickly and you no longer have to think.
  2. Coast to red lights. Why use gas when you are going to have to stop?
  3. Coast down hills. I see a lot of people gunning it just to have to brake when they reach person in front of them.
  4. Coast to green lights far ahead of you.   If it has been green for a LONG time, you might not make that light by the time you get there. That will force you to brake (see #1).
  5. Don’t tailgate… …In fact do the opposite. Leave plenty of room between you and the person behind you. If the person needs to slow down a little, you can coast to catch up a little instead of using your breaks.
  6. Take three rights instead of a left. UPS drivers do this in metro areas like NYC and found that they save fuel that would have been spent idling. Only look to do this at those really difficult left turns.
  7. Use Cruise Control. A constant speed is the most fuel efficient.
  8. Drive between 40-60 miles per hour. If you have a lighter car, you can aim for the 60 MPH number. If you have a heavier car, you’ll want to go 40 MPH. Go here for more information why.
  9. Avoid Traffic. Don’t drive during times of high traffic if you can avoid it.
  10. Use a GPS tracker. Time spent lost is gas wasted.
  11. Avoid air conditioning (if you stand it). Some tests seem to show that it’s not a big factor, so if it really impacts your comfort level, you might want to consider using air conditioning.

    Make Your Car More Efficient

  12. Don’t carry extra weight in your trunk. I do like to have some emergency supplies in the my trunk, but I won’t leave a bunch of weight in there if I’m not going to use it.
  13. Don’t carry extra weight around your waist. (Yes, this is more of a health tip, but it will still save you money in gas.)
  14. Convert your car to run on vegetable oil. Then filter your own oil from the stuff that restaurants don’t use.
  15. Remove any obvious wind resistance. This includes any bike racks, antenna ornaments, etc. Some say that rolling the windows down creates drag and others say it’s not a significant factor.
  16. Get low rolling resistance tires. These are tires designed to minimize the wasted energy due to the normal friction with the road. Check out Green Seal’s PDF report for more information. This can lead to some signficant savings.
  17. Check the tire pressure.  Air pressure matters. Follow your manual and you’ll get more miles for every gallon. You can get a highly-rated tire pressure gauge from Amazon for less than $15.
  18. Use a fuel injector cleaner.  You can pick this up an any car part store. Add to a tank full of gas or as instructed.

    Get the Best Price on Gas

  19. Get a credit card with gas rewards. The Chase Perfect Card with give you 6% cash back on your gas purchases for the first 90 days, then 3% after that. That’s like getting a 12 cents a gallon discount.
  20. Consider not using a credit card. This goes against the above idea. There are gas stations near me that give discounts if you pay with cash or debit cards. Find what works for you.
  21. Use the web to find the cheapest station near you. I like to use GasBuddy myself. I have a friend who uses his cell phone to get prices while he’s already out on the road.
  22. Don’t drive out of your way for the best price. It doesn’t make sense to spend a gallon of gas driving out of your way to save a couple of pennies. You’d have to have a huge tank and a very fuel efficient car to make it work.